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Customized Music Plaque

Customized Music Plaque

Customized Music Plaque

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Are you looking for a unique gift for a special occasion?

Customized Music Plaque is a perfect way to capture your beautiful moments!


Create a perfect gift!

Want to keep a memorable photo? Put it into a Music Plaque, so you can bring it close to you. This music frame it's like a time machine that will help you relive beautiful moments of your life again. Choose a precious song, photo and quote to surprise your loved ones.

Listen to your favorite song which is fraught with many memories! You can engrave the Spotify code on the music frame so you can scan this code and listen to your song anytime!

Customize your own Spotify Music Plaque!

Use your imagination to create your unique music frame. You can customize and upload the photos you designed, you can also choose the song album cover. This perfect gift is suitable to all ocasions: for birthday, anniversary, graduation or simply to remember a special moment in your life. In addition it is a great way to decorate your room with its fashionable style.

How to listen to your unique song code?

1. Open your Spotify App

2. Click on the search bar and press the button

3. Focus your camera on the engraved Spotify song code

4. You did it! Now you can enjoy your song.


How to customize your Music Plaque?

1 Step: Choose your favorite artist and song/album. Fill in the name of the song and the name of the artist. 

2 Step: Upload your favorite picture which is associated with the chosen song and upload the screenshot of Spotify code ( if you want us to engrave it).

3 Step: Make this music plaque as a meaningful gift. You can write whom you dedicate this music frame and date. Fill in custom text after uploading your photo.

Custom text sample:

1. Song name

2. Artist's name

3. Add the text you would like to engrave at the bottom of the music board ( your quote/whom you dedicate this music frame and the date).




Material: Acrylic

Plaque Size: 10x15cm; 15x20cm; 20x25cm.

In order to prevent scratches, there is a protective film on the surface of the acrylic plaque, please remove the protective film before use.

Package Included:

Customized Spotify Music Plaque 1x;

Glass Stand 1x.